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Lip Service Addicts Unite!!!

thee original Lippy Addicts

Lip Service Addicts
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This is a community that I, evilkellychan, started because I am addicted to Lip Service clothing. I know I'm not the only one. Feel free to post anything you want about Lip Service clothing--pictures, rants, raves, auction listings, whatever. :)

LJ-CUT all oversized images, long posts, and multiple images as a courtesy to others, ease of browsing and to keep the community looking clean. The exception is that you may post a properly sized image before a cut. If you do not understand LJ cut please read the LJ FAQ.

Do not spam the same posts more than once per week. Lower your prices or move your items to auction if you can not make a sale.

Please do not post sales that do not include at least one Lip Service item clearly marked, there are plenty of other communities on LJ for these related styles, this is a Lip Service community after all! If you are taking offers on your items/doing an auction style sort of post here, all offers MUST be public comments for all to see.

~~~Recent troubled people/scammers have caused this community to be Member Approved. If your LJ account is new, inactive and only friending this community please send a message with a link to some form of feedback(requires proof that it is yours, i.e: link match a LJ icon in the ebay ME page etc.)or have a member reference you to a moderator for approval. Sorry for the inconvenience, a shame that certain people try so hard to spoil our safe and fun community!~~

If you cannot reach me via email, feel free to contact redwitche

Due to all the recent problems with direct sales, All Sales posts MUST include Your OWN pictures of items for sale, any posts using "borrowed pics", or catalog only pics, will be removed if continued after the first warning, (Unless you are a licensed lippy reseller) this is to protect our members and prevent fraud. We understand not everyone has a camera, but if you are interested in selling, it is worth the investment.
You may choose not to post pics in your selling post, but please be aware, many people wont buy unless you have your own pictures.
We are in no way discouraging the Lip Service resellers from posting new catalog pics or previews, this policy is for direct sales only.

Please use as a guide (and remember to update) lippy_feedback
to keep a database of good or bad transactions.

If you like to buy, sell, or trade Lip Service in this community, please join our sister community, lippy_deadbeats, to encourage honest trading and selling.

~If you need help or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact one of the maintainers through email or AIM!

For the new Lip Service size spec's check out this journal's memories!

Please Visit these sites, created by addict members :

Lippy Wishlists(newer)
Lippy Wishlists
Lippy Fan Photos
Lippy Catalogs

Lippy Addicts Sellers Chart
Lippy Addicts Buyers Chart

For Lippy sellers and buyers...I am sorry to have to lay these rules out but some people like to ruin the fun around here!

I have had a few complaints about sellers reporting others to reps or their bosses and I am letting you know that I have some names and want this to stop.
It is very immature to try and weed out your competition in such a shady manner. I like everyone in this community and really don't want to have to BAN anyone (except scam artists, no chance for them!!) and I don't want people doing underhanded activities to each other, it's really childish.

Prices by lippy sellers are to be kept OFF of this journal, request your customer to email you instead.(HOWEVER, prices for DIRECT SALEs are required as that would make no sense to not post the prices upfront for private transactions.) You may post prices in your on line store and link to that too of course! The purpose of this is to prevent price cut wars. If another seller does not like a certain price TOO BAD, it is not your right to be whining about how others conduct their business.("I'M TELLING MOMMY ON YOU!!!") Build yourself a good reputation with excellent customer service and trust me, you WILL be favored over the random seller with "lower prices". So shush and work on your customer service/image instead. :)

As for BUYERS, I know we all love a good deal but some of you do not get IT that some sellers rely on selling this stuff for their livings or own a physical store which requires rent!!( oh isn't the internet lovely? we all get to be so cheap and picky these days!) PLEASE do not try and cut prices when comparing sellers BEHIND THEIR BACK. How cheap can you get? That kind of effort put into saving a few bux is really ridiculous.


lippy_addicts is an international LJ community. For European specific dealings check out uk_lip_service.(not affiliated)

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