lip_service_web (lip_service_web) wrote in lippy_addicts,

Did everyone get your heads up about Drew's b-day sale in the email?

Hey all,

We're a bit slammed at the moment but I wanted to pop in quickly to share a few newsy bits:

If you haven't opened your Lippy email for this week (naughty, naughty) ... then you would not know about the special Drew's B-day sale we've set up. We have the site set so that all day Saturday (the 28th ... should be 12AM - 12AM) every sale will have a 10% discount applied.

New plus styles should be arriving or arrived at If they can get great support on them, we can hopefully get even more styles rolling for future plus lines.

For local and visiting Lippy Addicts, we are setting up a bit of permanent sample/warehouse mini sale at Lippy HQ. The opening day is Monday, April 6 and regular hours will be 10AM-5PM Monday-Friday. There should be a good mix of current and sale styles, samples, fabrics, you name it, at warehouse sale prices (cash or plastic, too). It should be a cool excuse to come by, check out Lippy's day-to-day, and say hi. If you see a geezer-ette with bright (and I mean BRIGHT) red hair, say hello ... that's me!

Happy almost-Friday!
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