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My plus size homies and others.

Has anyone looked at the plus size size chart on the Lippy site?

I'll use the smallest plus size measurements (close to my current size sort of) as my example here Plus size-0
Bust 42
Waist 42
Hips 45

Notice anything off?

Awhile back I asked about the Lippy for Torrid vs the usual Lippy plus sizing and was told they are basically the same thing.

This is the Torrid standard measurements for a plus size 0.
Bust-40 - 43 Waist-32 - 35 Hips-42 - 45

Now if you look at the Lippy standard sizing (I'll use my size XXL)

Bust 43”
Waist 34”
Hip 45.5"

Okay looking at those numbers why do the plus sizes have such a weird waist to hip ratio and no measurement difference between bust and waist? Is this a misprint? Should I forward this to them?

Or if any of you Lippy folks are reading today, let me say that YAY for a few plus size options but seriously guys not all fat girls are square shaped. It's actually really insulting to look at that size chart. Based on those measurements very few plus size folks I know would actually be able to fit or wear those sizes.

It might work out better to indicate that those might be shirt sizing? Or am I reaching here? Looking at the three plus size options those measurements make sense for the tops because of the cuts.

But the dress?

Looking at the fit model used I would bet you five dollars her bust is probably at least a couple of inches bigger than her waist.

If you folks at Lip Service need some reference as to what fat female bodies might look like I would be more than happy to point you to some diverse and amazing resources.

If you read all that I'm not pissed off really. I still love Lippy and I love the clothes enough point to a problem.

X-posted to my blog.

ETA- I linked the Lippy folks to this. If anyone wants to know the outcome I'll be happy to share when I find out.

ETA#2 if anyone cares Lippy says the website is accurate and like I told them I find that astonishing.

:( wow.
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