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Lippy Closet Cleaning: Mostly XL, some S-L

Cleaning out my Lippy stuff as I've had a massive style and size change over time. Most things are brand new though anything vinyl or pleather may be damaged. Items posted on eBay include shipping within the US (and eBay/Paypal's fees). Will take better offers off eBay as a direct sale. :)

I also have other similarly styled brands if interested. Just shoot me a message. I however do not live in a house with electricity and rely on a dodgy phone to get online. Please bear with me as I cannot always get online and may not always receive notifications. I'm also busy with 2 jobs so may forget to respond. Just give me a nudge.

I've got tons of feedback here.

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Kill City anyone..?

Hi to all,
uber long time no talk! I hope that everyone's ok!!
I'm writing to ask, does anyone have for sale or can get for me this Kill City "french terry hoodie with soft leather sleeves" , #M73-090, in size Small or Medium (I do know it's not èproperly Lippy, but...), or can tell me where could I get it (or a similar Lippy version, in case)? This is very important to me!!
Also, I'm interested in this Lippy hoodie, always sz. Small or Medium: I saw it on eBay and they say it's Dead Nation #M73-084, but shipping fees are really high so I was wondering if I could find it here...
Thanks a lot to anyone!!
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Sales - all size Large

I have a few items for sale - a Duchess de Sade 2 dress, a Nocturnal Rendezvous set, and a Hell Bunny dress under the cut. All items will be sent the same or next working day from the UK.

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I have eBay feedback under lecari_uk as a buyer and seller, as well as having feedback on various LJ selling communities too.

Please ask if you have any questions!
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Dress for sale!

Hey there! I am looking to sell a dress, but I've no idea what to ask for it. It's size petite. (I am a 00/kids' 12 and it fits me great with the exception of the chest being too big.) It's been tried on but never worn, and comes from a pet friendly but smoke free home. Really, I just want this to go to someone who can show it some love!

Is $30 fair?

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I have feedback on MUA as eisdamme, and on ebay as illusoryglass - I believe I did sell a set via this community back in 2005...ish. Paypal is fine, haggling is great. I am perfectly willing to come down on price - I have not the faintest clue what this is worth, but I think (?) it came from HT around 2003.
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(no subject)

since I've noticed that lj notifications are not working properly (at least, for me), I wanted to let following ladies know that I've replied to you/posted pictures you asked, at last:
elsa_loertscher: posted pictures of Lick My Lycra chicks' tops
redhead_pixie: replied to your questions about GP capris
missmoonlight74: posted  measurements of vegi black zipper-front pants

HERE for the original post

Also a reminder for everyone: I need to get rid of most of my Lippy collection because I need room, so please take a look at my Lippy haves' list.  I'm letting it go for good prices! 
The prices I have in mind (before shipping and PayPal fees) are like that, but I'm open to offers and such:
- €20 for dresses and coats
- €15 for pants, skirts, jackets and corsets
- €10 for tops


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Mass Clearout (sz. XS/P-S-M + some guys') - act V

Hi ladies,
I really need to sell most of my Lippy collection due to need of room, and life.

The prices I have in mind (before shipping and PayPal fees) are like that, but I'm open to offers and such:

- €20 for dresses and coats
- €15 for pants, skirts, jackets and corsets
- €10 for tops

So, please, take a look at my Lippy have's list and my previous sales post to check if there's something you'd like: then ask for my pics, measurements, infos and such on any item you're interested (even if you had previously inquired about it and I told you that I wasn't ready yet to let it go: now I could be): it could take some time because I'm working full time and I'm alone with my little girl and things, but I'll try to reply asap.

(Also I have some shoes and boots starting from €5 in sz. Eur. 36-37/US Women 6-7: pics 1-23 in this album)

Thank you very much!